Printing & Delivery Info

I don't print the pictures myself, instead I have them printed by a national photolab which helps keep my prices low and the quality high.

Towards the end of each week I upload a batch of pictures for printing by my supplier. They take about five days to arrive back and once received I sort and pack and then dispatch them by first class post the following day. They should arrive with yourself the day after. So in all you can expect to wait ten to fourteen days from placing your order to receiving your prints. I realize this can seem a long time to wait but doing it this way keeps my prices down and the quality up which I'm sure you'll appreciate is a good thing.

For more urgent requests please contact me and I can use a quicker but more costly express service.

For 12"x8" prints the envelopes are quite large (13"x9") and may not fit through some letterboxes. If you would like me to add any instructions to the delivery address such as "leave in greenhouse" etc. please let me know. Likewise the 24"x16" prints are delivered in an 18 inch long tube which is over 3 inches in diameter and won't fit through most letterboxes. Again I can add additional instructions to the tube as to where to leave it.