info#3 Printed Picture Disk

Printed disks containing all pictures of your horse from this event, see example layouts below.

If you choose this option please email me ( a list of picture index numbers (eg D4C_1234, D7G_5678, etc) that feature your horse or pony from the event. I'll copy the full resolution files to a disk and print the surface with wording of your choice such as the event title and names of the horse and rider. I'll also add a few pictures to the surface of the disk as in the examples below.

These are currently priced at £40 for the first copy and £7 for each additional copy. If you'd also like printed copies of the pictures on the disk I'd be happy to supply those for half their usual price.

Also, if you'd rather just have the pictures emailed directly to you to save time then this is possible for the same price (less the p&p).

If you'd like any more information please contact me.